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Retain An Experienced Portland Oregon Business Attorney

Many business owners never contact a Business Attorney until they get served with Legal Papers, receive a Demand Letter, or get a phone call from a supplier or customer threatening legal action, and that is ok. We can certainly help in those situations. However, the most efficient and least expensive time to Contact a Lawyer is from the start.


The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” certainly pertains to the legal world. Utilizing INTELLEQUITY’s legal services in Forming Your Business structure and seeking guidance and services in ensuring that your business stays out of trouble in the first place is one of the best investments in your business you can make. Further, and maybe more importantly, it will provide you with peace of mind knowing your business is legally protected, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best; run your business.

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Business Formation Attorney

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship can often feel like navigating a labyrinth, with legal requirements looming as formidable barriers. At INTELLEQUITY®, we thrive on demystifying this complex domain and helping you chart a path that is not only legally sound but built for success. Our comprehensive Business Formation services cover everything you need, from pre-filing advising on the best structure for your business to filing your Articles with the State of Oregon to make your business 'official', but our services necessarily go beyond that - we work hand-in-hand to create all the important legal documents you will need to ensure your personal assets are protected, that your new business runs with minimal internal disruption by adhering to Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance best practices and requirements, and that your business is recognized as legitimate by other businesses.


Beyond the Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, your business should have its’ own operating agreements or bylaws, resolutions, statements, and consents. It should also be registered with the proper tax jurisdictions, when required. We will ensure that every box is meticulously checked. We understand that every business situation is unique, and our focus is on tailoring our services to perfectly fit your individual needs. Take the worry out of business formation; Contact Us Today or book a consultation below and let us assist you in laying the strongest foundation for your business's future.

Corporate Compliance and Governance

Ensuring your business navigates the complex sea of laws, regulations and best practices with expertise is our forte at INTELLEQUITY. We not only advise your business based upon our legal knowledge, but also upon a formal business education received from Portland State University. Our services are designed for businesses looking to grow with legal clearance and a clear conscience. Ensuring that your business is practicing the proper Corporate Compliance and Governance is essential to safeguarding your operations, achieving ethical benchmarks, and steering clear of legal entanglements. We offer more than just advice; we work hand in hand providing personalized, transparent and effective legal solutions for our clients to build a robust corporate foundation, ensuring that no regulatory stone remains unturned. From helping you Obtain an EIN to navigating through industry-specific regulations and safeguarding your data under stringent Data Protection and Privacy Laws, our full-service approach is tailored to your needs, aiming to not only secure your present operations but also fuel your future growth. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses. If you want to elevate your business confidently, Contact Us Today.

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Registered Agent Services

INTELLEQUITY is not only a law firm, but we can also act as your businesses Oregon Registered Agent as well. Why should you have us act as your business registered agent? First, all businesses registered in Oregon are Required to have a Registered Agent. Who better to have an attorney handle any important legal papers that would be delivered to a registered agent? You will be assured that these papers get the proper attention they deserve and will be acted upon quickly, keeping you from jeopardizing any legal rights you may have. There are other benefits as well, including reduced legal fees for other work, which you can read about on our Registered Agent page.

Trust An Experienced Portland Oregon Business Lawyer

Jim Boness at INTELLEQUITY is an Experienced Business Law and Intellectual Property Lawyer and has additional experience in other areas of the law, dating back to 2002. In addition, he has a deep-rooted history of providing personal and well-respected, top-notch legal services that his Clients Love and Trust. Should you wish to speak to Jim, he can be reached at 503-877-0881, or you can book a consultation below or fill out our Contact Form and we will be in touch shortly.

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