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Business Law Services

For business owners who have legal needs and find that twenty-four hours in a day is not enough time to make their business thrive, utilizing my legal services makes business sense. 


Need a business attorney? INTELLEQUITY® can not only help your business by providing you with the legal advice your business needs, but can add value to that service by offering business insights many other attorneys cannot. As a graduate of Portland State University's Master of Business Administration program, I possess education and training that goes beyond lawyering, and has trained me to look for solutions from a business perspective, as well.

Whether you need to form a business, draft a contract, have compliance issues or need intellectual property work done, I can handle your matter with promptness and dedication and free up your valuable time so you can concentrate on growing your business. Feel free to book a free or low cost consultation that fits your needs. Service you will enjoy, and work you can trust. 


Business Formation

Thinking of starting a business? Choosing the right business structure is the most important decision you can make. Many factors should be considered when choosing a business structure. Personal liability, ease of transferring interests, tax treatment, and management structure are some of the factors that should be considered before choosing. Click here for a more detailed review of the pros and cons of each business types.

Getting started off on the right foot is always a good choice. The extra time and expense involved in completing a business organization properly can have lasting benefits and will free up your time to do what you need to; run your business. Find out more about the different types of business organizations and how I can help get your business running by booking a free or low-cost consultation today.

Contracts & Business Transactions

People and businesses use, and their conduct is guided by contracts every day. Contracts provide stability, expectations that can be relied upon on, and clarify the business relationship between the parties. They are also binding and can disrupt business tremendously if they are not carefully negotiated and drafted. 


Because contracts are used extensively in business, and because we want them to reflect our intentions accurately, it is important to draft an agreement that works for both parties. This includes looking at each parties' goals, expectations, capabilities and limitations, and drafting a contract that not only benefits the parties, but that is realistic and can be performed by each. For more information on important elements that should be included in a contract, read our Contract 101 blog here.


As they say, a contract is only as good as the person (or business) signing it. If you have a business contract issue, feel free to contact us today for a free or low cost consultation.

Signing a Contract
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Intellectual Property Protection and Licensing Agreements

Many business owners either do not understand or under-estimate the value that their intellectual property brings to their company. Sometimes, it is only understood after that intellectual property has been infringed and has lost its' maximum value..

I can help you identify the important intellectual property you may have (Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret), set up mechanisms to protect that IP, and help you think of ways and draft agreements to monetize that IP to make it even more valuable for your business. Think licensing agreements, partnerships, collaboration agreements and the sale of IP that no longer fits your business strategy. Please call, email or book a free or low-cost consultation today!

Privacy Policies,
Terms & Conditions

There are a multitude of national, state and other jurisdictional laws that dictate how and when you may collect, store and use personal information from your website visitors. Running afoul of these laws can have serious consequences for your business. In addition, you want to be sure that these terms and policies are both comprehensive enough to meet these requirements, yet simple enough that the average individual understands and knowingly agrees to the terms.


I can help ensure that your website complies with the multiple laws concerning data collection, storage and use, as well as suggest ways in which your company can obtain knowing and enforceable consent to your policies and terms from your website visitors. I do this by understanding your business, your customers, what information the business website collects and the types of services you offer on your website. One size does not fit all for this work, so for more information, call or email us, or book a free or low-cost consultation today!

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