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Intellequity, your go-to copyright lawyer in Portland! If you're a business owner juggling countless tasks and struggling to make your business thrive, let me handle your copyright needs. From trademark matters to copyright registration, infringement notices, takedown notices and licensing – I've got you covered.

A copyright is more than just ownership. It's a valuable bundle of rights that protect your original work, whether it's a book, poem, software code, or even a choreography. And for businesses, copyright protection extends to brochures, logos, business plans, computer programs, and more. Safeguarding your creative assets with copyright protection can unlock new business revenue streams and enhance your reputation within the industry.

Don't let copyright matters hinder your progress – enlist the expertise of Intellequity today! Read below for more detailed information on the different ways I might be able to help you with your copyright matter, or book a free or low cost trademark consultation that fits your needs. Rather speak to someone? Call us at 503-877-0881. Expect exceptional service and legal work you can always rely on.

Copyright Legal help

Copyright Legal Advice

Confused about what a copyright is? Have a question about copyright ownership? Wondering if you can sue someone for copyright infringement without a copyright registration? Do you have work-for-hire questions and how that affects who owns a copyright? How about questions on how long a copyright lasts? Want to know how to send a DMCA Takedown Notice? Maybe you just want to know more about copyright and how it can help you or your business.


Copyright is an often mis-understood and generally confusing area of law. Much of copyright law is very fact-sensitive and even then, clear guidance is hard to come by. This is easy to see as especially in today's world, where copyright has become a much more prominent topic. For good reason, as our world moves to the digital age, copywritten material can be a very valuable commodity for any individual or business.


Either way, I can provide you with easy-to-understand, practical and trust-worthy legal advice on your copyright questions. Want to speak with an Oregon copyright attorney? You can easily book a consult below!

Copyright Registration

If you've spent countless hours creating a work of art, a multi-media video, marketing brochures, literature or any other important work valuable to your business, you probably want to protect it from being taken advantage of by others. This is where registering your work with the copyright office comes in. By doing so, you not only establish a public record of your ownership of the copyright but also gain several other benefits, including the ability to sue in federal court and to claim statutory damages and attorney's fees in case of infringement. Moreover, registration with the copyright office provides you with essential leverage in negotiations with potential infringers, as it establishes the validity of your copyright and your seriousness about enforcing it. Hiring a copyright attorney to handle the registration process can be helpful in ensuring that your work is properly protected and that you are aware of all legal considerations and options available to you. 

If you want to register a copyright for your work, I can help. Registering a copyright is not always a difficult process, but it can be confusing and if you are not careful or do not know what you are doing, it may be best to let an attorney handle it for you. With the relatively low cost of hiring an attorney, the peace of mind you receive and the time you saved by doing so, will far outweigh the little money you might save by not hiring one, especially if you plan on making money with your copyrighted work. 

Read more about copyright registration here. Not sure whether you need an attorney to help? Here is some free advice, first register for an electronic copyright office account (eCO), then go to the copyright webpage, sign in and look through the application. If you start reading through the application and do not have any questions, you are probably ok to file yourself. However, if you have difficulty understanding any questions, difficulty understanding what category of work you should file under, what certain words mean or what you will need to deposit with the office, feel free to book a consultation and we can begin the process together. For more information, book a consult today!

Legal Copyright Terms
Copyright Law

Copyright Infringement

If you have received a copyright cease and desist or infringement letter, it can be a daunting, frustrating experience. However, hiring an experienced copyright attorney can greatly assist you in responding to the letter. At Intellequity, I can review the letter and determine whether the claims made against you are valid or not. I can also help you develop a strategy for responding to the letter, deciding whether it is necessary to negotiate with the other party, and if so, how much leverage you may have. Overall, consulting Intellequity can help alleviate stress and guide you in making informed decisions regarding your copyright matter.

On the other side, if you're in a situation where someone is infringing your copyrighted work, it can be an equally frustrating and overwhelming experience. I can draft a cease and desist letter that is legally sound while also making it clear to the other party that their actions are infringing on your intellectual property. Additionally, I can provide guidance on the next steps to take if the other party continues to use your work. With my knowledge and experience, I can help protect your copyright and ensure that your protection is upheld.

If you have received a copyright infringement letter or wish to send one read more here, or book a consultation today!

A copyright licensing agreement is a legal document that outlines the permissions granted by a copyright holder to another party to use, publish, or distribute their work. This agreement is essential for anyone wishing to use copyrighted material, as it protects the copyright user from potential legal disputes, including getting hit with a copyright infringement letter. For the copyright holder, it can be an additional revenue stream for your business.


Negotiating a license agreement can be a complex process, often requiring the services of a copyright attorney or contract attorney. Intellequity can help you navigate the intricacies of copyright law and ensure that the agreement is fair and beneficial for everyone involved, helping to lead to future opportunities between the parties. Ultimately, a well-formed copyright licensing agreement is crucial for businesses, artists and publishers alike, as it provides a reasonable and clear framework for the ethical and legal use of your creative works in today's digital age.


To read more about copyright licensing agreements and what they can do for your business, click here. For more personal detailed information, Book a consult today!

Creative work licensing agreement


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