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Trademark Law Services

For business owners who have trademark needs in the Portland, Oregon area and beyond, and find that twenty-four hours in a day is not enough time to make their business thrive, utilizing my legal services to handle your trademark matter makes business sense.

I can provide advice and services related to trademark searches, trademark registration, trademark office actions, trademark oppositions and trademark maintenance. These services will ensure that your trademark will be registered, is strong, and will be protected throughout your trademark's life. I can handle your matter with promptness and dedication and free up your valuable time so you can concentrate on growing your business. Feel free to book a free or low cost consultation that fits your needs. Service you will enjoy, and work you can trust. Portland's personal small business and trademark attorney.

Trademarks are an important asset for many companies. A trademark identifies the source of goods and services, conveys an expectation of quality, and sets a company apart from its' competitors. Trademarks can also be monetized through licensing agreements and other means and even used as collateral for business loans! You want to ensure you are protecting your trademark and preserving its' value. Read below for more information on what trademark services INTELLEQUITY® offers.  


Trademark Searches

Not only should you be looking in state databases, and checking the internet and domain names, but to do it correctly, you should be conducting a national, and potentially worldwide search of similar marks and logos. This will ensure the mark you want to use will not infringe an existing mark, stands a good chance of being registered, is unique, and will not be diluted.


Make sure the mark you want to register is strong and stands a good chance of approval before you spend all that marketing money. The USPTO strongly encourages applicants to hire private attorneys for the trademark registration process, and this includes the search, as it can be complicated. I can conduct a detailed search of your proposed mark and identify and correct any potential issues of infringement or registrability with the USPTO. For more information, book a consult today!

Trademark Registration

Did you know that 1 in 5 trademark registrations are denied? Even if your application is not denied outright, you could still receive an office action which must be timely and correctly responded to before your mark will be approved. After that, there is the publication and opposition period that your mark must pass as well. Let INTELLEQUITY® help you do it right!

After conducting a comprehensive search, I can properly file an application for registration of your mark, which will greatly improve your chances of registration. In addition, if the USPTO sends an office action, I can respond and correct any deficiencies before your mark's registration is denied. I will equally defend any opposition that might come your way from another registrant. For more personalized information, book a consult today!

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Attempt to register a trademark on your own, and receive a notice and objection from the examiner that your mark cannot be registered as provided for in the application? This type of notice is called an Office Action, and if not responded to promptly, can result in a complete denial of your trademark application. 

I can represent you in responding to the Office Action and help you keep your trademark application from being denied.  Learn more about Trademark Office Actions here, or For more personalized information, Book a consult today!

Attempt to register a trademark on your own, only to receive a trademark opposition notice? Intellequity can represent you in a trademark opposition negotiation with the opposing party or conduct a proceeding before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, if necessary. Don't let someone bully you if you have superior rights! To read more detailed information on opposition proceedings, click here.

For more personal detailed information, Book a consult today!

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"Jim provides excellent and knowledgeable services for my band A.D.D. He has worked with me on U.S. Trademarks, as well as cease and desist documentation. If you are looking for great representation, Intellequity is the place to go!


 - ADD Loud

"I recently hired Jim to draft an agreement on rights to a book I wanted to turn into a tv series or movie. He was extremely helpful. I felt like I was dealing with a friend, not an attorney. I am looking forward to using him in the future."


- Arnie Goodman

"Jim does a thorough job on the many projects we've sent his way. He has a wide range of knowledge on many areas and he takes the time to explain options! We'll continue to use him for our small media group because we get a more personal experience than the big law firms at better rates; with no sacrifice of quality of work."


- Stay Rooted Media Group


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