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As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without having to deal with the complex world of trademarks. However, your trademark is a very important part of your business and should not be neglected. That's where I come in. Intellequity is a personal, small business, trademark law firm in Portland, Oregon. I practice all things trademark: trademark searches, trademark registrations, office actions, and even trademark oppositions. 

If you're a business owner or an entrepreneur, it's essential to understand what a trademark is and why they matter. A trademark is a symbol, logo, or brand that identifies and distinguishes your business from others in the marketplace. It's a legally protected mark that grants you exclusive ownership of your brand identity, preventing other businesses from using or claiming it as their own. Your trademark is one of the most valuable assets your business can have, representing your brand's identity and reputation. Failing to protect it could leave you vulnerable to competitors or copycats who may try to steal your logo, name, or slogan. It can result in lost revenue, legal battles, and a damaged brand reputation. 


With my experience, you can ensure your company name and logo are protected from infringement and avoid costly legal battles down the line. Let Intellequity help you navigate the world of trademarks so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Read below for more detailed information on the different ways I might be able to help you with your trademark matter, or book a free or low cost trademark consultation that fits your needs. Rather speak to someone? Call us at 503-877-0881. Expect exceptional service and legal work you can always rely on.

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Trademark Searches

As a business owner, properly conducting a trademark search should be a top priority. One of the best ways to ensure that you are avoiding infringement while maximizing the value of your brand is by partnering with an experienced trademark attorney, like Intellequity. I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complex world of trademarks.


Conducting a thorough search involves much more than simply running a few internet queries. I will be able to conduct a thorough search of the USPTO database, state databases, domains and business directories for potentially conflicting names. But searching is not enough, once the results are in, a thorough analysis of the results of your search must be completed and then an assessment of the risks and opportunities associated with using your trademark must be done. Ultimately, investing the time and resources to conduct a proper trademark search can save your business from costly litigation and wasted branding dollars down the line, while also strengthening your brand for years to come.

Make sure the mark you want to register is strong and stands a good chance of approval before you spend all that marketing money. The USPTO strongly encourages applicants to hire private attorneys for the trademark registration process, and this includes the search, as it can be complicated. I can conduct a detailed search of your proposed mark and identify and correct any potential issues of infringement or registrability with the USPTO. For more information about conducting proper trademark searches click here, or book a consult today!

Trademark Registration

Did you know that 1 in 5 trademark registrations are denied? Even if your application is not denied outright, there's still a hurdle to overcome - an Office Action. You must respond promptly and accurately to the Office Action ensure your mark's approval. But that's not all! There's also the publication and opposition period your mark must navigate successfully.

This is where INTELLEQUITY® comes in. I have the knowledge and experience to conduct a comprehensive search and file your mark's registration application correctly, substantially boosting your chances of success. If the USPTO sends an office action, I'll swiftly respond and address any deficiencies, saving your mark from denial. Moreover, I'll defend your mark against any opposition that may arise from another registrant.

Learn more about the trademark registration process and how I can help, or book a consult today for personalized information and support!

Legal Trademark Terms
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When filing a trademark application, it's not uncommon to receive a notice from the USPTO called an Office Action (OA). This is essentially a response from the examining attorney after they've reviewed your application. It could flag potential issues with your mark, such as similarity to an existing registered mark, or simply ask for clarification on certain elements. This can be a confusing and stressful process for any business owner, but an experienced trademark attorney can help navigate the waters. With my expertise, I can assist in drafting a proper response that addresses the concerns brought up in the office action, or even refile the application if necessary.


There is a second potential hurdle posed by a trademark registration. It is called a trademark opposition and it is a legal proceeding that can occur during the trademark registration process and after your application has been preliminarily approved by the trademark examiner. It's essentially a challenge to the trademark application by another party who believes that there will be confusion between their mark and the new one. This can be a complex process and one that requires the advice and guidance of an experienced trademark attorney as well.


I can help my clients navigate the opposition process, understand the legal arguments in play, and ensure that my clients' mark has the best chance of gaining protection. I can also help to negotiate a settlement, if necessary. Ultimately, having an experienced trademark attorney by your side is vital to protecting your brand and ensuring its continued success. By working with Intellequity, you can be assured that your application will have the greatest chance of success.

Learn more about the trademark Office Actions or Oppositions and how I can help, or book a consult today for personalized information and support!

If you receive a trademark cease and desist or infringement letter, it can be a daunting, frustrating experience. However, hiring an experienced trademark attorney can greatly assist you in responding to the letter. At Intellequity, I can review the letter and determine whether the claims made against you are valid or not. I can also help you develop a strategy for responding to the letter and decide whether it is necessary to negotiate with the other party or proceed to litigation. I can also assist you in conducting a trademark search to ensure that your use of the trademark is legal and provide advice in case of further disputes. Overall, consulting Intellequity can help alleviate stress and guide you in making informed decisions regarding your trademark.

On the other side, if you're in a situation where someone is wrongfully using your trademark, it can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. I can draft a cease and desist letter that is legally sound while also making it clear to the other party that their actions are infringing on your intellectual property. Additionally, I can provide guidance on the next steps to take if the other party continues to use your mark. With my knowledge and experience, I can help protect your trademark and ensure that your rights are upheld.

Learn more about trademark cease and desist letters and how I can help, or book a consult today for personalized information and support!

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"Jim provides excellent and knowledgeable services for my band A.D.D. He has worked with me on U.S. Trademarks, as well as cease and desist documentation. If you are looking for great representation, Intellequity is the place to go!


 - ADD Loud

"I recently hired Jim to draft an agreement on rights to a book I wanted to turn into a tv series or movie. He was extremely helpful. I felt like I was dealing with a friend, not an attorney. I am looking forward to using him in the future."


- Arnie Goodman

"Jim does a thorough job on the many projects we've sent his way. He has a wide range of knowledge on many areas and he takes the time to explain options! We'll continue to use him for our small media group because we get a more personal experience than the big law firms at better rates; with no sacrifice of quality of work."


- Stay Rooted Media Group


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