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Business Formation, Business Law, Contracts, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret & Licensing Agreements.





    Allow us to help you set up the proper legal structure for your business. From Sole Proprietorship to Partnership, LLC to Corporation we can ensure that you have the information, legal documents and support infrastructure that work best for you. Protect yourself from the start!

    Disputes with suppliers or customers, employment and labor issues, business regulation, ethics & social responsibility issues and civil liability are all areas where a business can get in trouble. We can help you minimize your risk beforehand or advise and help you respond if your business runs into trouble.


    A Trademark can be the most valuable asset your business owns, but only if you protect and use it correctly. We can set up that protection and advise on the proper way to maintain (and exploit!) your trademark to make it more valuable and keep other's from stealing your hard work!


    Copyright protects original works of an author and include such things as drawings, sound recordings, business manuals and procedures, brochures, lyrics and compilations of data. They should be an important part of your intellectual property protection plan. We can help you identify and protect your copyrighted work to give you a competitive advantage.


    A Trade Secret is information that your business possesses that has actual or potential value and is not generally known or readily ascertainable by others. Trade Secrets can consist of formulas, practices, processesdesignspatterns, or compilations of information. How you handle this information can be the difference between a competitive advantage or an exploitable opportunity for you competitors. INTELLEQUITY® can help you protect that advantage.


    So, your business has intellectual property? Why not use it to its' fullest potential? We can help you monetize that property with the right mix of licensing options for you and your business. Whether you want to license the use of your Trademark to a third-party, provide your copyrighted procedures in a business partnership, allow a publisher to print and distribute your manuscript or authorize another business to use your music for commercial purposes, INTELLEQUITY® can help get it done.

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    INTELLEQUITY® is a personal service oriented, single-attorney law practice that can help give you guidance on starting a business, legal issues affecting your business, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and monetizing your intellectual property.

    The INTELLEQUITY® vision is to give personal, friendly, trustworthy advice and service to artists and businesses that have a dream of their own and to help that dream not just become a reality, but to make it grow and thrive. I envision not just an attorney-client relationship, but a broader collaboration where helping you fulfil your dream helps me to fulfill the vision I have for INTELLEQUITY®

    I look forward to working with you and building a relationship that will last a lifetime!


    Jim Boness earned his law degree from Southern Illinois University in 2002. He has 2 decades of experience practicing law. For the first 14 years, he practiced criminal law, growing a very successful solo-attorney practice and gaining extensive courtroom and trial experience. However, as he grew as an attorney, he realized that his interests drew him to a different type of practice. This is where the idea for INTELLEQUITY® was born.

    Based on this new interest, Jim took a few advanced courses in intellectual property at John Marshall University Law School in Chicago, Illinois. Upon relocating to Portland, Oregon in 2017, he earned his MBA at Portland State University to better help him understand and assist his clients’ with their business needs.

    His recent experience includes trademark, copyright and other intellectual property-related services, business formation and business law. Mr. Boness is licensed to practice in state and federal court in Oregon as well as federal court in the Northern District of Illinois. He is currently applying to practice in Washington State to better assist his clients' needs in that state.

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