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Providing Personal, One-On-One, Legal Advice and Services For Your Business or Artistic Career

For business owners who have legal needs and find that twenty-four hours in a day is not enough time to make their business thrive, utilizing Intellequity legal services just makes business sense.

My services provide you with several benefits, including having someone in your corner who has access to detailed and specialized legal information, specialized training on how to analyze and apply the facts of your situation to the law, and who has the ability to free up your time so you can concentrate on what you do best; run your business and beat your competition.

Hiring an attorney provides you with an outside perspective, allowing you to see the situation from a different point of view, and will give you peace of mind knowing your matter is being handled by a professional who can devote the proper amount of time and attention to your matter.

I can provide these benefits to you better than other firms because I am a client-centric, one-on-one, personal service-oriented attorney that believes in close collaboration with my Clients. My own business experience and my master's degree in business administration from Portland State University give me another advantage over other law firms, because it allows me to see my Client's perspective and offer advice from a business point-of-view as well.

I practice in business law, business formation, contracts, intellectual property, including trademark and copyright, licensing and entertainment law. Whether you need a contract reviewed, need to form an LLC, want to register a trademark for your business name or have a copyright opportunity, INTELLEQUITY® is here to provide the most appropriate legal advice for you, based on your needs. Feel free to book a free or low cost consultation that fits your needs. ​I look forward to meeting, and working with you.

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Dr. Tal Cohen

"Jim provided excellent service and went above and beyond to make sure that we receive the best legal recommendation to protect our business. I would highly recommend his services. "

Stay Rooted Media Group

Jim does a thorough job on the many projects we've sent his way. He has a wide range of knowledge on many areas and he takes the time to explain options! We'll continue to use him for our small media group because we get a more personal experience than the big law firms at better rates; with no sacrifice of quality of work.


It has been a pleasure to work with Jim Boness who came recommended to me. I can only say good things about Mr. Boness. His professionalism is top notch, and he always treated me with the utmost respect. He is an intellectual who is considerate, attentive, and patient. Any questions I had were promptly answered and all explanations were thorough. I appreciate Mr. Boness and would highly recommend him as an attorney.