Many people wonder why they should copyright their works if they already have protection when they meet the three basic copyright criteria; 1) originality, 2) work of authorship and 3) having that work fixed into a tangible medium of expression.

In its’ simplest form, registering your work with the Copyright Office gives your work greater protection and allows you to exploit and protect your work to its’ fullest extent.

Here are some of the benefits of registering your work that you would not get without registration:

  1. It allows you to file suit federal court if your copyright has been infringed. Without registration, such suit is not possible.
  2. Registering your copyright puts infringers on notice so they cannot invoke the “innocent infringer” defense against you.
  3. Specific damages may not have to be proved because the copyright statute allows for set “statutory damages”. Sometimes proving damages can be a difficult process for a plaintiff but registration relieves you of most of that burden.
  4. Greater damages are allowed if the copyright is registered within 3 months of being published. You would be allowed to recover both statutory damages & attorney’s fees.
  5. If you register your copyright within 5 years of publication, then there becomes a legal presumption that you own the copyright and it is valid.
  6. Allows for an easier transfer (sale or license) of your copyright material. (Some companies may not want to deal with someone who has an unregistered copyright material.)

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