In order to make use of a trade secret, the technology or information that you possess must not only be kept secret, but must give your company a competitive advantage over the competition because the technology or information is secret.

By failing to maintain the secrecy of that technology or information, you may open the door for others to use that information in competition against you and your company.

How do I protect company trade secrets? By taking reasonable measures or precautions to keep that information secret. This can be accomplished in many ways; from use of proper forms such as Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Compete Agreements to putting company policies and procedures in place that protect the contents of that secret. In addition, making sure to physically secure the area where the secret is kept or the use of special coding to identify components of the secret will all help to ensure that your company secret remains just that.

INTELLEQUITY can help you to devise ways to help protect your company trade secrets so that your company can get the maximum benefits and advantage from them.