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Professional Experience

More Than Just an Attorney

It’s easy to see why I have earned a reputation as an effective attorney in Portland. With a wide range of experience in numerous areas of the law, I always strive to meet and exceed the needs of my clients. Check out my academic background and professional practice below to get a glimpse into my qualifications for providing the best legal services for you.


Aug 1999 - May 2002

Education - Southern Illinois University
Juris Doctor

Awarded the Max and Irene Dell'Era Ethics Scholarship. 

President of the Southern Illinois University Sports Law Society- 2001 & 2002

Sep 2018 - May 2020

Education - Portland State University

Master of Business Administration

1st place- marketing simulation exercise

Leader - Capstone Project

Classes and experience in negotiation tactics.

Business Strategy education.

Jan 2016 - Sept 2017

Education - John Marshall Law School

Studied advanced law subjects covering trademark, copyright, business IP and publishing law.

Dec 2002 - Feb 2017

Experience - Criminal Defense Trial Litigator

Won Felony Motion in Limine prohibiting the People from introducing into evidence or otherwise referring to at trial, evidence regarding Defendant’s prior criminal history, which helped lead to a finding of Not Guilty on Felony Battery charges. 

Forced Plaintiff in Civil case to drop request for order of protection after successfully arguing motion with opposing counsel that allowed recorded evidence to be admitted showing plaintiff was dishonest in testimony to Court during hearing. Later won the related criminal domestic battery case after extensive damaging cross-examination of same witness.