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Business Law

Business formation, contract review, negotiation and drafting, privacy policies, terms and conditions and disclaimers for your website, business regulations, ethics & social responsibility issues and civil liability are all areas where a business can get in trouble. I can help you minimize your risk beforehand or advise and help you respond if you have a legal issue. Book a low cost half hour consultation today!

Intellectual Property Law

A Trademark can be the most valuable asset your business owns, but only if you protect and use it correctly. We can set up that protection and advise on the proper way to maintain (and exploit!) your trademark to make it more valuable and keep other's from stealing your hard work!

Copyright protects original works of an author and include such things as drawings, sound recordings, business manuals and procedures, brochures, lyrics and compilations of data. They should be an important part of your intellectual property protection plan. We can help you identify and protect your copyrighted work to give you a competitive advantage.

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Entertainment & Sports Law

Need a band partnership agreement, publishing agreement, co-author agreement or recording contract negotiated or reviewed? INTELLEQUITY® can help make sure you get what you need and deserve to get your career headed in the right direction. Contact us today!

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Contracts and Licensing Agreements

So, your business has intellectual property? Why not use it to its' fullest potential? We can help you monetize that property with the right mix of licensing options for you and your business. Whether you want to license the use of your Trademark to a third-party, provide your copyrighted procedures in a business partnership, allow a publisher to print and distribute your manuscript or authorize another business to use your music for commercial purposes, INTELLEQUITY® can help get it done.

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