No matter what your talent or inclination, the work you produce has value! Read below to see how you might protect the efforts of your creative work.


Whether you are a painter, photographer, sculptor, animator, work in stained glass or any other medium, your work is an original creation that could hold potential economic value for you. In addition, it would belittle your work if someone were to attempt to take it and pass it off as their own and/or make a profit from it. INTELLEQUITY, through trademark, copyright and licensing, can help you protect and derive benefit from your work and ensure that only you receive the credit and financial benefits from it.


When writing a book, novel, manuscript or poem, the ideas that flow from you to the paper become protected elements once put down on a tangible medium of expression. Give yourself the best protection and financial reward possible by letting INTELLEQUITY show you how to best derive benefit from that hard work. Trademark, copyright, contract and licensing can all play a part in helping you find your dream come true!


If your thing is choreography, theater, or some other type of performing art, you too have a protected original work that can be protected and produce economic value.

INTELLEQUITY can show you what can be done with your work to benefit you for years to come.