Choosing a structure for your business is not as simple as it may seem. Many different factors must be taken into consideration in order to find the right structure for you and your business. Factors such as willingness to assume liability for company obligations, formality and cost of organization and paperwork, tax treatment of the business or owner(s), flexibility in running the business, type of management, financing needs and the transferability of business interests all play an important role in determining which form of business is right for you. What works for one business may not be advisable for another.

INTELLEQUITY® can assess what factors are important to you and your business and recommend a business structure that works for your needs. Shown below are the three main types of business organizational structures with some features of each. In addition to those forms of business, a sole proprietorship is also a popular, simple business structure that many owners choose to use. Keep in mind that there are additional types and variations of each of these main business formations which only a thorough examination of your needs can reveal.

If you wish to give us this information now, click on the link below to fill out our Business Formation Intake Form, where we can gather detailed information about you and your proposed business venture. After we receive and review this form, we can call you to schedule a 1 hour discounted-rate office or online strategy session to discuss what might work best for you. If you only wish to get some general information, please use the contact form below.

Business Formation Intake Form


  1. Limited personal liability for business debts
  2. Pass-through taxation
  3. Flexibility of taxation
  4. Easier to form than corporation
  5. Different management types available


  1. Unlimited life of business
  2. Limited liability on part of stockholders
  3. Rigid, structure
  4. Ease of ownership transferability
  5. Easier to acquire capital
  6. More government regulation


  1. Easy to form
  2. Limited life
  3. Combined skills, assets of partners
  4. Full liability (general partners)
  5. Limited liability (limited partners)
  6. Flexible management

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